Breezy Travel has been in business for over 3 decades!  More importantly, our seven travel consultants account for over 200 years of combined travel experience!   The staff is renowned for providing personalized service for all your leisure travel needs including Weddings and Honeymoons, Family Reunions, Groups and destinations worldwide.  Our consultants have traveled the globe and are here to provide information, details and suggestions to truly tailor a vacation meeting your needs and preferences.

Did you realize that about 75% of leisure travel is booked by travel agencies!  Those other 25% of travelers booking on the internet has been grown frustrated by either limitations of the web or all the confusing information found.  Only to be more confused by websites that have the general public rate them; biased by personal tastes and style.  Speaking of confusing let's take the current Swine Flu scare as a timely example.  How would you like to try to get a hold of an internet site and find you are talking to someone in a foreign country; that is of course if you can even reach a real person.  No worries if you booked your travel with us, just call and talk to a real travel consultant and we will cut through all the red tape for you and give you your unbiased options quickly!

Have you ever wondered who the companies are that you see when you are on-line checking travel sites?  How long have they been in business or are they even real companies with real travel consultants?  Will that company be around when you travel?  What happens if your hard earned vacation does not turn out so wonderful; who will you call?  Will your credit card number really be protected online?   Did you realize that anyone can say they are a travel agency and they may only be a person with a website selling travel? These are just a few questions to ask yourself when you go on-line to a site you may or may not know.  One of the most important questions to ask youself is if this company is part of USTOA?  Not sure what this is?  This is the way a wholesaler or hotel or resort  must up-front $1,000,000 for insurance so that they and your money will be around when your trip comes about!  Our wholesales are part of USTOA so you can rest assured we, the wholesaler and your vacation will be protected.

Call us today and compare our service and rates with the Internet. You'll save time and money, and more importantly, peace of mind!

DID YOU KNOW OUR PRICES ARE GUARANTEED TO BEAT THE SAME PACKAGE PRICE YOU FIND ON LINE!!!  SO CALL US AND SAVE MONEY TODAY.  No FEES for our packages either!!!  We still offer personal customer service, all free of charge.  In these challenging economic times, keep your money with your local travel agency.


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