Why Use a Travel Consultant?

 In this modern "Age of the Internet", there may at first appear to be no need for a Travel Consultant. There are however, a number of critical benefits that can only be obtained by using an experienced Travel Consultant:

  1. A Travel Consultant offers you peace of mind before, during and after your trip. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction!
  2. A Travel Consultant can save you Money and Time. You can spend huge amounts of time looking at lots of web pages. Our wholesalers have been in business long before there even were Internet travel sites! That is why our prices beat the Internet prices.
  3. A Travel Consultant brings you destination expertise. We have personally traveled to most of the locations you are considering.  Again saving valuable money and time.
  4. The Travel Consultant will be there to help with a missed or cancelled flight, airline disruption or national crisis. Remember: The recent American Airlines cancellations, the bankruptcy of Aloha and ATA, the 2006 Blizzard, September 11th  and most recently hurricane IKE!
  5. A Travel Consultant will allow you to use your personal credit card to make a reservation for another individual without that individual having your card in their possession.
  6. A Travel Consultant will allow you to make changes or cancel if you decide to do so within 24 hours after making your reservation. Try doing that on the Internet!

All of the above are great reasons to use a Travel Consultant, and all without any additional cost to you! Remember, there are no service fees added for vacation packages.

***Something you may not know: is if ever you find a lower price on an Internet travel website,  just call us and we will GUARANTEE to beat that package price when comparing apples to apples***

TRAVEL CONSULTANTS PROVIDE A SERVICE, SOMETHING THE INTERNET WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PROVIDE!  Let us take the guess work out of your next trip, weather big or small.  Your hard earned money should NOT  be left up to a nice looking travel site you know nothing about.  Talk to the people that do this job for a living; US!!

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